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Benefit from the growth story of a modern industrial company

Ved Finest-Hall

The factory walls are upright, the roof is on top and there is more than half the equipment investment raised!

Read more on Fundwise campaign HERE!

In December, we announced that we would build a 5.5 million FinEst-Hall Factory PVC hall plant. Today, 70% of the factory is ready, construction is in full swing and we plan to start production in April 2021.

We have good news: to date, we have signed contracts for the construction of almost 25,000 m2 of PVC halls in the first half of this year.

Demand for PVC halls is continuously growing in both the Baltic States and Scandinavia. PVC hall is a faster and cheaper solution compared to similar buildings and also leaves a smaller ecological footprint.

By the beginning of January, with the support of Fundwise investors, we have raised more than half of the amount planned for equipment investment, 200,000 euros. We are going to purchase new equipment, expand sales and increase annual sales to 10 million euros. In the new factory, production logistics will be improved and production costs will be reduced through digitization and automation, and we forecast a significant increase in profits.

We invite you to benefit from our growth and make an investment in the completed factory. We offer investors the opportunity to receive a share of dividend income and the increase in the value of the acquired share over time. The first dividend payments will be made in 2023 for the previous year, 30% of the pre-tax profit will be paid as dividends in the first year. We want the shares to become freely tradable and we see First North as one option.

What do we invest in? The largest share of the investment is in the 1.2 million tube laser of Italian origin, which speeds up the process ten times faster. In addition, we buy a line for painting metal structures. In total, we want to invest 2.84 million euros in equipment over three years to reduce labor-intensive processes and the cost of the product.

Where have we come as the largest producer of PVC halls in Estonia in past ten years? We have produced and installed over 200,000 m2 of PVC halls in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Russia. We produce about 50,000 square meters of hall per year. The sales revenue in 2019 was 4.6 million euros. Our construction factory is located today in Pahkla, Rapla County, where we employ a total of 30 people.

Invest and benefit from the growth of FinEst-Hall.

Read more on Fundwise campaign HERE!

And additionally: if there is interest in greater participation, our activities can be explored exclusively in new and existing production.

With Respect

Jaanus Laane, manager and owner of FinEst-Hall

+372 5066 284